About Us

Founded in 1979, Kinosoo Performing Arts Association (KPAA) is a non-profit Alberta Society based in Cold Lake, Alberta.

Kinosoo Performing Arts is now in its 45th year of continuous operation. It is a registered non-profit society dedicated to bringing quality entertainment to the Cold Lake area. Some funding is provided by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts. This allows us to reserve groups and make deposits up to a year in advance. The society is co-ordinated and run entirely by interested volunteers. New committee members are always welcome.

KPAA was structured with a clear vision for the future of Cold Lake and area.  Its mission is to strengthen and invigorate our community through the performing arts. 

Committee Members: 

KPAA is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors that hold regular meetings. 

Pat Canuel

Lynda Colvey (Treasurer)

Ray Gillis (President)

Chris Haskell

Denis Laurin

Bill Parker (Vice President)

Eva Urlacher

Willie Yackobeck

For further information or If you are interested in joining KINOSOO PERFORMING ARTS ASSOCIATION

please contact one of the following: 

Lynda Colvey  780-639-2648

Willie Yackobeck  780-639-1645 / williey4@hotmail.com